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We still walk the streets delivering food and medicine to the poor. We still support shelters, support education, and enable children to receive life changing and life saving medical care. You can help! Be a part of Paper Houses Across the Border!


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Don't like the world? Angry? Frustrated?

If you don't like the world, change it! Change it in a meaningful way! Change the entire future of children in need of food and medical care. Realize that you are changing the world of a child, and stop worrying about whatever is frustrating you. Become so busy helping others that you do not have time to worry or become angry.

Ian transformation series of photos of Ian lip and pallate surgery

Doctors said nothing could be done: hydrocephalus, severe brain swelling, cleft palate, cleft lip, and heart complication make surgery too risky. Paper Houses did not like a world where Ian could not be helped. We ignored those doctors and kept searching for an experienced team of surgeons and found them.

Ian transformation series of photos of Ian lip and pallate surgery

Ailene: babysitter, big sister, excellent students,remarkable dance,singer, and basketball player. Now in college, she continues to be an excellent student. By the way, she was born blind. Watching her painstakingly tap out one letter at a time in braille while doing her homework as inspiring!

There were times in Ailene's life where help was needed so she could flourish. Paper Houses was thrilled to help this amazing young woman during those times.

Ian transformation series of photos of Ian lip and pallate surgery

This teen’s name is Arturo, and he is 18 years old. When he was a five-year-old child he watched his drug addicted mother as she took drugs with ‘a friend’. The mother and ‘friend’ began fighting over the drugs. As they fought, the ‘friend’ sprayed gasoline on the little five-year old and set him on fire. He lost much of his hearing and the use of his hands. Yet, somehow he has a big smile for us.

Marybeth does not like a world where Arturo would live on the street or in an alley where he would be shunned and avoided. She helped to change his world with her support and visits.

Take action and change someone's world!

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