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“Begin saving the world by saving one person at a time."

Charles Bukowski

Immediate Need for Autism Tests!

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From the 24th through the 26th of April medical experts from Monterrey will be in the colonias to diagnose and help as many children as possible that are suspected of being Autistic. They are giving us a large discount for their services. The charge per child is $215 USD. This is less than the cost of bus fare if we sent a child to the hospital!
Teachers and parents need our help as they try to raise money for the children. These are very poor people and the need is real.
Our regular donations are already committed cover other medical situations, shelters, and food programs, so we need some help.

Mail donations to:
Paper Houses Across the Border
MSC 980
PO Box 2954
San Antonio, TX 78299-2954
or click on the Donate Now menu item at the top of this page.

Down Syndrome Day

Every child deserves the best possible life!
Brenda organized a special day for families with a member diagnosed with Down syndrome. The Acuna Rotary Club in Acuna. The Rotary Club gave us the use of their facilities and we work with that wonderful organization of projects throughout the year.
Parents learned more about Down syndrome, and children played, laughed, drew and painted pictures, and had a wonder-filled day! Today, we provided a fun place where these very special children could play and just be children.
Volunteers from the University Vizcaya of Acuña,the Arconic Factory, and TOKA, an organization providing special therapy was represented by Ruben Heredia a Master in Special Education. in Acuna came to provide the help and support needed at the event. They have our gratitude and I suspect they had as much fun and joy and the children. Being with these special children who are overflowing with love, is a blessing.
(click here for more photos) (video in Spanish)
Kamelia receives chemotherapy for leukemia.

Hungry child at cafeteria.

We Believe

No child should be too hungry to concentrate at school."

Teachers at elementary schools told us that their number one need was not a pay-raise, smaller class sizes, heat, air conditioning, computers, or books. They said:
  • "Children arrive at school too hungry to concentrate."
  • "Sometimes a little one will pass out in class."
  • "Our most important need is food for these children."

Children at School and at After-School Programs

You fed over a million meals to school children since 2002!

Feed Every Child I Can Feed Today

News in Brief

Impact of Caravans

We do not support illegal immigration. The caravan arriving in Piedras Negras resulted in 2,000 more people on the . . .


Real News!

To this child with Down syndrome, and to volunteers working with Paper Houses, the real news was World Down Syndrome Day


Alexis Cancer Fighter

Alesis lost one eye to cancer. We sent him to hospitals in Mexico city to save his remaining eye, but he was sent home.


Tomorrow is only a hope. Do what I can, today.