We Believe

“Begin saving the world by saving one person at a time."

Charles Bukowski

You Made a Difference!

Luis 1 year old

We met Luis when he turned one. He was born with two twisted feet (commonly called club foot). We helped his parents to reach out to St. Jude's Hospital, provided travel expenses, and for less than a thousand dollars this little boy's entire life was changed!

Thanks to Brenda.

Thanks to St. Jude.

Thanks to you!

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One of our newest little angels was born with a missing right arm and an incompletely formed left arm, and Autism.
People sometimes ask why we work with children diagnosed with Autism, Down syndrome, and similar challenges 'since there is no cure'. Medical, physical, and psychological therapy is available and can greatly improve their lives. Special programs, books, and videos that help both the child and parents exist.
Medical help is very limited for the poor. Often the hospitals where the poor must go do not offer a full range of services. For example, we've seen situations where treatments and medicine that could solve a serious infection are not available, but amputation is available when the infection becomes severe! We've met parents who asked what the nurse meant when she said that their baby has Down syndrome and were only told, "That means your child will be stupid."
We could waste time complaining, live in 'the world of should', but it is more productive to jump in and help. We spend little time talking because we are too busy doing.
So what happens with little Sofia next? Thanks to quick responses on Facebook, Sofia is already scheduled for a complete evaluation, after which we will develop a plan and start making her life much, much better.

Hungry child at cafeteria.

We Believe

No child should be too hungry to concentrate at school."

Teachers at elementary schools told us that their number one need was not a pay-raise, smaller class sizes, heat, air conditioning, computers, or books. They said:
  • "Children arrive at school too hungry to concentrate."
  • "Sometimes a little one will pass out in class."
  • "Our most important need is food for these children."

Children at School and at After-School Programs

You fed over a million meals to school children since 2002!

Feed Every Child I Can Feed Today

News in Brief


We do not support illegal immigration. People called and asked about the drownings that happened today (May2, 2019 . . .


Real News!

To this child with Down syndrome, and to volunteers working with Paper Houses, the real news was World Down Syndrome Day


Alexis Cancer Fighter

April 19th visit: Alesis will soon return to doctors. He was so happy to receive new toy trucks, socks, and a Superman T-shirt.


Tomorrow is only a hope. Do what I can, today.