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Who We Are


Founded by a Houston Police Sergeant, with the help of the Houston Police Officers Union, Paper Houses Across the Border is a nonprofit charity working in the colonias of Mexico. Although we occasionally help in several places in Mexico, our primary work is in the city of Acuna, Mexico  (a mile from Del Rio, Texas).


We are searchers and we help where we find a real need. Consequently, we support shelters, feed hungry kindergarten and primary school children, and make life-changing and life saving medical help possible.


We are searchers and have helped the dying, shelters for children, a drug recovery shelter, homes for the elderly, schools and learn about the colonias by visiting people in their homes. We have also responded to disasters and emergency situations.


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Know that your financial support is spent on the people in need. We are an all volunteer organization.



Dear Friends:


After receiving several questions about my pending trip to Hungary, Greece and Germany to walk among the refugees and migrants, it seems that I should put everyone at ease.


First, Paper Houses Across the Border is here to stay and has my absolute commitment. I continue to walk the streets of the colonias and to work with the wonderful families and children of Mexico.

Second, Paper Houses Across the Border does not support illegal immigration. In fact, we’ve persuaded several families not to illegally cross into the United States.


Third, my personal trip to Europe is not paid by Paper Houses. I am going at my own expense and for my own self-awareness and improvement.


What has been described as the greatest mass migration in Europe since the end of World War II continues to unfold. An estimated 5,000 new arrivals in Greece occur every day. Many people on U.S. websites (i.e. Yahoo News, Google News) voice strong concern for Europeans and the future of Europe. Oddly, there are not many concerns about the refugees and economic migrants.


I recognize that many concerns about Europe’s future are very justified. However, many comments and proposed solutions by bloggers are eerily similar to the speeches of Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s. In fact, when I look at many of the Nazi comments I found it was simply a matter of substituting the work Muslim for Jew and those comments look almost identical to some of the ‘solutions’ to this mass migration that I’ve seen and heard.


Ever the skeptic, I am packing and will walk among migrants. I will do what I’ve been doing since 2001 when this lost police sergeant (now retired) wondered the dirt streets of the colonias. Speaking with the poor, the business people, the police officers, the teachers, and the tourists will give me a real sense of what is happening and what people think and feel.


Oddly, it was not the photo of little toddler washed up on the beach that propelled me to do something and at least go to Greece, Hungary and Germany. The cruel remarks about little Alyan that require me to go! Some people even wrote “Good! One less Muslim invader” and those types of thoughts are the opposite of any thought I could understand.


Thank you for your support!



Bob Decker



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