Alexis Update January 12, 2019

Alexis Eyes


Several doctors at two Mexico City Hospitals rejected Alexis for surgery until a more aggressive treatment regimen is completed. Although the treatment may destroy his sight, they believe it is less of a risk than surgery because of the location of the tumors

A mother cooks on a campfire

Christmas Meals

Many are used to life in a cardboard house. On Christmas, many hope to have enough food to cook.

A mother cooks on a campfire

Treacher Collins Syndrome

Like the child in the movie, Wonder, Carlitos was born with severe facial differences and hopes for orthodontic surgery.

cerebral palsy child hand with Bob's hand

What We Do

We help the impoverished families of colonias to improve their lives. Our volunteers by . . .

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mission trip delivering food to the hungry

How We Work

We walk the dirt streets and learn directly from families, teachers, and doctors so that we . . .

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poverty - dirt road in the colonias

Where We Work

We work in the colonias of Mexico. Our organization's address is in San Antonio, but . . .

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