mural of child with walker, hungry child, elderly couple with medical probems, boy receiving chemo and a girl eating a free meal at one of our cafeterias.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Why do you work in Mexico? There are many poor people in the USA!

As individuals, our board members and Bob volunteer time and contribute money to charities and churches in the USA. However, the need for organized charities in the colonias of Mexico is great and we feel that this is our calling.

Why do you not accept grants from the U.S. government?

We do not care for the idea of 'forced charity' which is 'charity' funded through taxes. We cannot find anything in Scripture where Jesus told us to expect the government to be charitable or where he suggested that we seek government monies. Instead, he told us, as individuals, to help the poor.

"How much of my donation reaches the poor?

100%! We keep it simple. No salaries and we pay for the administrative costs with donations from the board and a few good friends.

Where is your office?

We have no office. We work from our homes and use our own computers.

Why will you not accept clothing and other items?

Used clothing cannot be legally imported into Mexico. Other items are taxes and we prefer to buy things in the colonias to support their fragile economy.

What is the cost to have Bob speak at our school, business or club?

We charge nothing, but appreciate any help that is provided for the cost of transportation and lodging.