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This is not all that you accomplished and we will add more each month. We helped a drug rehabilitation program, lots of shelters, provided appliances to shelters and people that worked hard to help their community. A truck was donated to a shelter. Yes, we have lots more to add. But this should give you some idea of what you accomplished.

Impoverished family living in extreem poverty

Worked Directly with Families

Thousands of food baskets were delivered directly to families in need.

One of the cafeterias we built to feed children.

Built Cafeterias

With the help of Giving Hope Worldwide, we built school cafeterias

Hungry school children from pre-K to 7the grade receive our meals

Meals at School

Hundreds of thousands of nutritious meals served to school children!

Child receives chemotherapy.

Medical Help made Possible!

Critical medical care was made possible that changed and even saved lives.

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The Experience of Mission

People across the US (including Hawaii) and also Canada walked the colonias with us.

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Desks, Books and Computers

We've replaced desks, provided books, computers and other materials to schools.

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Shelters for the Elderly

Some of the elderly at this wonderful shelter were living on he street.

Child living in shelter

Shelter for Children

Hundreds of children, like this little girl, were kept safe at shelters because of you!

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Special Needs Children

We helped with medical and educational needs for these special children.

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Responded to Natural Disasters

We provided aid when tornado struck Acuna, when tornado struck Piedras Negras, when floods hit Acuna and Piedras Negras, and when an explosion on Easter Sunday occurred in Piedras Negas.

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After-School Programs

We support after-school programs where little children, like this little angel, are safe, supervised and fed by teachers, while parents are at work in the evening. Teachers organize games, dance, art projects and hot meals are provided.

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GE Workers in Acuna Help

Mexican GE workers participated in a mission where we delivered food and arranged for medical help. Workers at the local plan contributed to a matching fund, established by GEGE was also a major sponsor of a Christmas Fiesta for Speck Needs children!

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Special Needs School

We upgraded security, replaced broken windows and provided monthly lunches and a Christmas Fiesta for children as the CAM 21 school for children with special needs.

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Helping the Blind

Providing recorders so blind children can record school lessons, and providing material to the only teacher of the blind in the entire city is our pleasure.

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Let Them Hear, See and Walk

Hearing aids, surgeries, and physical therapy for so many special children is part of what we do!