Will Alexis Lose His Remaining Eye?


Alexis lost his left eye to cancer. When we met his family they needed help so that he could receive a prosthetic eye. His father brings home the equivalent of $46 each week and his mother is a homemaker.

After he received his prosthesis, we learned that new cancer cells formed in his brain behind his remaining eye. We helped him to receive chemotherapy and radiation treatments. As often happens in these situations, we celebrated an excellent progress report in October, when doctors believed the cancer was in remission, but a month later the cells were again spreading.

Doctors in Monterrey said the only hope would be surgery, but all agreed the surgery was too dangerous for them to perform.

We sent him to Mexico City where several experts with experience in this delicate surgery examined him but concluded the surgery would be too dangerous for them to perform. One doctor recommended a change in the type of medicines and Alexis returned home.

April 19th The vision in his remaining eye is sometimes becoming blured. We are working with his docotr and soon he will have more tests.