Focus on the Visually Impaired!

We continue to support shelters, meals, medical needs, home visits, homeless shelter, and will add a new drug-rehab shelter that is trying to serve 95-men. We will focus new resources on the school for the blind and visually impaired, founded and managed by Prof. Alma.

Want to help with this effort? Simply send a donation marked "Blind" and we will use 100% of that special donation for this project!

Prof. Alma began with a small room in the public library, a few chairs, desks, two broken braille machines, and some paper. She repaired the machines and created books for the blind! The professor typed out children’s stories and glued pieces of fur, feathers, and cotton in the shape of animals, so the children could ‘feel’ the books. She used card stock for covers, punched three holes, and tied each book together with tiny wire snips. She also created touch-based learning toys and games.
Prof Alma at her classroom 

We provided braille machines to the classroom and paper, books, canes, and other items. Parents walked for miles to take their children to the classroom. Public schools allowed the children to leave early to attend Prof. Alma’s classes.

Prof. Alma created and taught classes for parents, teachers, and others so they could better teach their blind children. We provided books to help with this effort.

No longer are these children given ‘busy work’ and certificates of attendance at public schools. Today, students are held to the same standards as sighted students, and one girl has moved on to college.

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The parents also sacrifice and work hard, so their children receive an education. We’ve watched parents work with their blind children for hours so the children can complete their daily homework. Parents read the homework assignments or questions, and the child taps out one braille letter at a time on the braille paper using a braille plate. Parents then translate their child’s braille answers into printed words, and the teacher receives both the child’s braille answers or reports and the translation created by the parents.
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