Merry Christmas!

| Christmas 2017|

Christmas Party 2017We sponsored several Christmas Fiestas for the children with special needs this Christmas and hope to enable several children to received medical care.

Christmas donations are very important this year. We have several children in need of immediate medical assistance.

The special needs children are looking forward to this year's celebration, with hope that Santa will arrive during our party. (I have every reason to believe that he will show up).

I visited some of the children that cannot come to the party when they return from other cities, where they are receiving medical care not available in Acuna.

15-year old Estefania is one of those receiving medical help. She has a malignant tumor on her right knee and it is likely that the doctors will take her leg. Sadly, she died on the day we called to tell her that St. Jude Hospital accepted her case. We were shocked and saddened by this unexpected loss.

We know that the one thing Estefania (Stephanie) would want is for us to keep her tremendous smile in our thoughts and to move forward with the parties for other children.

We visited many special children in their homes and hosted two fiestas for children of the colonias

Your gift to these children is a gift that truly matters. You might enjoy at the photos from a past Christmas by clicking here!