Christmas! (click on any photo!)

2011 House
Bob at Home

This year I found no decorated homes. Money is tight. Kids are hungry.

Marybeth at Fiesta for special needs children
Another MRI

her Christmas Wish is "just one more test (MRI) and I hope they can make me walk."

Los Angeles Skyscrapers
Family of Poor

We gave a family and kids in neighborhood gifts, clothing and cookies!

2011 House
Still Feeding Kids

Visited the Guadalupe Victoria school where little children still receive meals from you..

Marybeth at Fiesta for special needs children
Special Children

The high school for special needs children. They love the computers and software we provided last year.

8-year old Romina was born blind.
Born Blind

8-rear old Romania loves mathematics, ridding her bike, and roller-skating. Someone forgot to tell her she is blind? 

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