Santa Suit

December 17, 2013

One of the best investments I ever made was when I purchased a Santa Suit. Santa made a special visit to our home every Christmas Eve. Santa had a gift for every child in our home and he also had a book with a brief list of what each child did that was naughty or nice. The 'naughty' lines had a big "x' next to the behavior (pulled sister's hair). The 'nice' lines had a star next to the behavior (brushed her teeth).

Mary Beth, the most active of my daughters, rolled her eyes and pretended that Santa must be taking about some other kid when Santa mentioned a 'naughty' issue.

This year, the Santa Suits travels with me to the colonias. My Spanish is not strong enough, so we have a volunteer to stand in for me. Ho! Ho! Ho! This is going to be fun! (I will update soon).

"I will bring the Santa Suit, home baked Christmas Cookies. I am glad to hear that the school will be decorated and that the Tree is up!

At 11 a.m. the Christmas Party for the children with Special Needs begins!"

We've already arranged for several parties and gifts for many of the children. In addition to clothing and warm blankets, we will provide food and a toy for each child.

The parties are always a highlight in the lives of these children and are talked about throughout the year. These kids have so little and they are so thankful for anything we do for them.

A special thanks to our generous supporters!