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Ezequiel is now eight-years old. His mother is a homemaker and takes care of Ezequiel. His father sells corn prepared on the street.

Family Income: 700 pesos per week. ($36).

When Ezequiel was born, he seemed to be a healthy, normal boy. However, his parents started seeing that he was slow to talk, walk and that he was not as active as other children his age.

He was diagnosed with psycho motor retardation and respiratory problems. We provided assistance so that he could receive breathing treatments and physical therapy.

Today, he has severe dental problems that require surgery. He is in severe pain. The cost of surgery is $1,800.

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You enabled surgeries for Erik and his brother Jorge. Jorge, the younger of the two, saw his mother’s face for the 1st time in his life and exclaimed, “Mommy! I can see you! You are beautiful!”

Jorge was born blind. Erik had diminishing sight in one eye and no sight in the other. Each had one eye repaired! They hope to return in February to have one more surgery so they have vision in both eyes. The doctors are very optimistic. Two-thousand more dollars are needed to pay the hospital bills.

Rosyleth Will Walk

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When we met this little angel she had great difficulty walking. Doctors said that only surgery could help her deformed bones. After listening to several surgeons, we helped her mother apply to the Shriners Hospital and she was accepted! This meant that we would only need about $300 per visit to cover special visas and transportation. Shriners charges nothing for their services for this child!.

Doctors completed their study and examination of Rosyleth. They put her legs into a custom body brace that she will wear through February and it is possible that she may not need surgery to walk like other children!

Before her early morning exam, Rosyleth and her mother stayed overnight at a hotel in Laredo, Texas. her mother said that Rosyleth marveled at the shower with hot water, the warm be, and a room where the wind and rain did not come through the roof and walls. She added, "At home I carry water home and then I pour it over her by the cup-full when she showers."

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After reviewing her application and examining Sofia, the Shriners' Hospital accepted her into a special program! Born with a partial arm and a missing arm, she will now receive therapy and eventually will receive special prosthesis!

Sofia is a bright young child with huge potentials. She lives just outside of Acuna, in a small ranching community. Although poverty compounds any medical problem, we are excited to be a part of her future.

Participating in this special program will help Sofia to be accepted into a regular school and to one day find a meaningful career.

Working with such a small child helps us to better understand her challenges. Without a thought, we use our arms and hands to maintain our balance. When we do fall down, we depend on our arms and hands to 'break the fall' and avoid striking our head. I only conscious of this by watching little Sofia.

We always learn by being with the people.

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Lots of little boys and girls are eating for free at our two Jagger Cafeterias (and our older cafeterias) in the colonias! These little ones are not coming to school 'too hungry to concentrate' and none are fainting due to hunger. Great job done by everyone!

So who is Jagger and who is Everyone?

Jagger is a little boy who was gathered to Jesus just before we expected his birth. He is one of my grandchildren.

We cast about for a reason for his being taken away before we really knew him and realize that every life, even a very short life, has a purpose and a meaning.

Like most grandparents experiencing such a loss, I found myself thinking about him when seeing other children. I would be in the colonias and see a child and think, 'Jagger would have been about that age now' and because the colonias is a special place I wondered what he would think of these children in this place.

It struck me that he would say, "They are coming to school hungry. We need to fix that!"

Many years had passed since Paper Houses built a school cafeteria and we had request from two kindergartens for such a cafeteria.

So this is the purpose for Jagger's little life. He would want the kids fed. He also would want a playroom for kids. So we have two Jagger Cafeterias and a special Jagger playroom at another kindergarten

We work with the people of the colonias and help people to help themselves.

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As Christmas approaches, in addition to the people in need, we have many find shelters we want to help. They certainly helped us by inspiring us with their work.
  • A shelter that cares for an infant who was abandoned in a dumpster, and covered with ants. This is just one of the 26 children they care for and protect.

  • Victor, who earns his living repairing tires, founded a shelter to care for homes people with psychological problems.

  • Providing educational material and repairing schools is also something that we do.

Every place and person we help inspires us. Each helps us to become more like the kind of person we always hoped that we would become.