We believe that helping communities build school cafeterias and classrooms is one of the best ways to build community and make lasting changes.

Aarin Brady completes inspection.
A second cafeteria nears completion in November of 2018.
We use local labor and local volunteers for construction projects.
Building school cafeterias is a great blessing for the community.
Teachers can also use these spaces for meetings, celebrations, and special events.

Classroom rooftop repairs.
Classroom rooftop repairs.
  • Repairing leaking roofs, replacing windows and doors, fixing plumbing, and helping with material to build special needs classrooms is also part of what we do.

Classroom rooftop repairs.
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  • Building a wheelchair ramp improves the lives of little children like Antonia.
    Antonio lives with her grandmother in a house with a rocky front yard. Her grandmother said that the only time Antonio is out of the house is when she carries her outside and sits her in a chair.
    Today, she pushes her to the corner store and can visit with neighbors.