2018-New Cafeterias!

We build cafeterias, school rooms, and help with repairs and special projects (such as a wheel chair ramp).

In 2018 we built two new cafeterias that began service meals at two kindergartens!

During the summer of 2019 we will build a computer room at a local elementary school where children will have Internet access!

Often, we are called on to help with repairs at schools. These projects are shared with local businesses and local volunteer workers.


In Memory of Jagger

This is one of the two new cafeterias we built and opened in 2019. The boy on the right is Gavin, Bob's grandson. Many of Bob's family have visited and worked in the colonias.

The lady standing 2nd from the left is Brenda, a resident of Acuna and a tireless volunteer who coordinates projects, meets with children in need and doctors, and sits with families and children in crisis.

These cafeterias are also used for events, meetings, and celebrations at the schools.

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