Supplies, desks, windows, plumbing, etc.

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Providing notebooks, paper and even textbooks is only part of what we've done to help educators in the colonias. Roofs have been repaired, windows and doors are repaired, cement was provided for sidewalks, and we've helped by providing prizes at fundraising events. Because of you, plumbing was repaired, toilets and sinks were replaced and even band instruments were provided.

Providing building materials so the parents and teachers can build a classroom for special needs children is important.

We've delivered everything from school desks to computers.

We have also hosted fiestas at Christmastime and special meals and parties at a school for children with special needs.

In a way, we are competing with the cartels when we help teachers and when we provide inspiration and things like band instruments.

We meet with teachers and encourage them to send us children that need medical help.

We've sponsored eye exams and provided glasses to school children.

Even simple things, like handing out warm tortillas or donut holes as the children arrive at school, make a real difference in their day!

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