Education in the Colonias

Photo of a home where two of the children we feed at school live.

We've witnessed teachers working for weeks while waiting for a paycheck.
Please read that again. Teachers showing up to work for weeks while waiting for paychecks! That is dedication.
When the temperature is below freezing, and freezing rain and even a little snow falls, students, teachers and the school principal wear coats, sweaters, and hats.
Schools do not close when the temperature exceed 100 degrees.
There is often no money to repair plumbing, broken doors, broken windows, leaking roofs, or anything else that breaks down. Imagine a school of 500-children and a dozen teachers with only one or two working toilets.
school-boy at desk with head in hands.

home to several of the school=children.
Children between the ages of 6 through 14 are required by law to be registered for school.
We’ve met parents that were issued citations for failing to enroll their children. Until those citations are paid or dismissed, the children cannot be enrolled. This is the ultimate catch-22. However, the schools have waived these fines when we intercede.
We meet parents that cannot afford the $70 needed for school supplies (weekly income is only $60).
Education is a key to escape poverty. Because we help the schools in many ways we are often able to have fines waived. We provide direct help to the family with school books.