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Door to Door - Understand the Entire Situation

Placeholder imageWe work directly with the families, schools, and shelters that we support. We avoid government misuse and corruption by providing direct help with those in need.

It is easy to find news stories about charitable donations being misused by government officials in almost every nation. While we enjoy good relationships and support from government officials, we do not provide them with support and we make certain that they give the supporters of Paper Houses Across the Border credit in news stories, without crediting themselves.

Working with families means that we go into their homes, schools, hospitals, and local shelters. We listen and pay close attention to what we see and hear. Visits provide a much clearer understanding of families than we could ever expect if we operated from an office or church.

We can provide hundreds of examples, but one will explain the need to be in the homes of the people. We were asked by trusted teachers at the CAM 21 school, that serves children with special needs, if we could assist a recent graduate. They explained that a deaf girl wants a job at a beauty shop, but needs a $20 make-up kit to complete a training course. The school said that the girl and her family could meet us at the CAM 21 school. We explained that we want to help, but must visit the girl in her home. The people at the school seemed surprised because it seemed that we were going to a lot of trouble to provide $20. We explained that it was not a mater of distrust, but our policy of working directly with families was important in every case.

We visited the girl at her home and could see that every single tooth in her mouth needed dental treatment. When we inquired about her hearing, her mother explained that when her daughter was an infant they went to the doctor because she did not seem to hear. The doctors said that she was born deaf.

Several wonderful things happened during the following months. The young girl made several trips to a dentist that we use and for the cost of the material (the dentist did not charge us for her work) the young lady was given a beautiful smile. Hearing specialist determined that hearing aids would allow the young woman to hear, so we invested in hearing aids.

Sadly, we learned that if her mother were able to afford a specialist when her daughter was a toddler, minor surgery would have solved her hearing loss and she would not have spent any time in a school for special needs children.

Imagine if the mother had sought help for food when her child was a toddler and a charity simply gave her food. We would have provided food, but visited the home, discovered the toddler was deaf and sent the infant to a specialist. Our rule about visiting families is critical to our success.