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Adam suffers from cerebral palsy

Born May 1, 2014, Abel had a stomach tumor. It has been removed, but he continues to suffer from liver damage.

Blind child

Adam suffers from cerebral palsy. We built a wheel chair ramp and provide help to the family with food and medicine.


Born blind, Ailene speaks English and enjoys art and dance. Two tumors removed from behind her eyes and we provided a prosthesis.

brain tumor

Diagnosed with cancer in his left eye, we sent Alexis to the children's hospital, where doctors found it necessary to remove his left eye.

Adam suffers from cerebral palsy
Alexis Rodriguez

Assisted the family so that Alexis Rodriguez could receive treatment for his brain tumor.

Blind child

Alfredo has a cleft lip, serious respiratory problems and needs re-constructive surgery.


After surgery for cleft palate, Alizabeth we made significant dental work possible.

brain tumor

Ambar's leg was crushed in an accident. We provided surgery, a prosthesis as she grows.

brain tumor

Andrea is one of the many wonderful children diagnosed with Down syndrome.

child with cleft lip and respiratory issues
Angel Ivan

Angel Ivan had a palate fissure and was sent to the hospital in Saltillo where he underwent a successful surgery. We will continue to work with doctors and his family for the additional help that is needed

blind child
Angel Jesus

This child suffers from what appears to be a brain tumor. Doctors are sending the toddler to a specialist and we will provide the help that is needed.

Angel Josue

Emergency care was provided for this child who was an accident victim.