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down syndrome child

Found laying in the dirt, we made arrangements for treatment at the hospital for Terresa. She suffers from mental illness and other ailments. She was violently ill from drinking polluted water.

blind child 1

Vania has severe chest and ribs pain and the family does not have insurance. She also has a severe problem with her teeth. She was sent to the Ejeza hospital and also sent to Dr. Cesar Mares, a pediatric dentist.

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A broken hand that was never properly treated was something we knew we could address. Most often, we focus our resources on children and on mothers caring for their children.

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Wendy could not walk and suffers from other serious health issues. We paid for surgery and she took her first steps!

down syndrome child
Brandon Joan Hernandez Martinez

Born with a severe hearing disability is now 3 years old. Doctors identified a specific type of hearing aid that costs three times the total monthly income of his parents.

blind mother
Jose M. Gonzales

Born with a club foot, special orthopedic shoes were purchased and Jose is receiving physical therapy.

Auri-Down syndrome

Yoseline was diagnosed with Down syndrome and needed medicine that her parents could not afford. She is going to a specialist in Monterrey to evaluate her entire medical needs.

boy with brain disorder
Our Next Patient

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