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Down syndrome

We built a wheel-chair ramp, provided a wheelchair and provided special food and vitamin supplements to help Antonia.

Angel-nasal cancer

Angel was diagnosed with nasal cancer and a stomach tumor. We continue to help with the expenses of treatments and transportation.

Antonia - wheelchair bound

Auri is one of the 50-children we've met that are diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Antonio-leg surgery

Brayan seems to have problems with his brain (headaches, slow learning). We sent him to Monterrey for tests and evaluations

down syndrome child
Baby Carlos

The baby was a victim of extreme child abuse. Although we did all that was possible, the little angel died. His father is in prison, for a very long time.

blind mother

Carlos, born with deformed ears, is almost totally deaf. We send him for testing and evaluation.

Auri-Down syndrome

Carmen suffered from brain cancer. We began helping her many years ago and last visited her in 2014. She died shortly after that last meeting.

boy with brain disorder

Cindy suffered from a severe skin infection. Paper Houses made treatment possible and the painful skin condition is no longer a problem.

down syndrome child

Cinthya has a rapid heart rate and a vein that peeled away from the heart. Her mother is afraid because she lost a baby with the same problem. We sent the child to Monterrey.


Born with a malformed foot,Dana walked with great difficulty. Surgery was the best course of action. The surgery was successful and we continue help with physical therapy.

child with enlarged heart

Eduardo is one year old and suffered from a breathing problem. fter months of treatment at the public hospital there was no improvement. We sent his to the private hospital where he was treated for bronchitics.


Elvis suffered with a severe hearing problem. We were able to provide surgery and help with speech therapy.