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Site last updated on: December 8, 2017

| Geraldo |

In 2006, the Geraldo team came to the colonias and walked the streets of the poor. We were unexpectedly invited to the graduation ceremonies at the Emiliano Zapata Primary School. Geraldo's crew joined us.

"After walking in the sun on on the dusty roads, I was a little embarrassed when asked to help award diplomas to the graduating class. I wiped the dust from my shirt and pants, ran my fingers through my hair, and climbed up the steps of the outdoor 'stage' to join the school principal. It was a genuine honor to hand out diplomas while looking out at the audience of over a hundred people, many of whom I know from walking the colonia."

After the ceremony, candy and small gifts were distributed and I congratulated many of the parents. As people were leaving, I told the school principal that our mission group would gladly clean up the grounds. He said that the clean-up was already arranged. I watched and saw that the principal and the president of the PTA took some large lawn-leaf bags and picked up the trash. I wish the film crew had waited to record this humble school principal"