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last update on: May 3, 2021
Be the change in the world that you want to see happen . . .

Why Paper Houses Across the Border?

We work one-to-one with the poor. Supporting shelters, saving and changing lives, feeding the hungry, improving education is all part of what we do.

Children that were blind can now see. Children who were deaf can hear. We’ve made chemotherapy a reality for needy children.

The elderly and forgotten are taken off the streets and cared for in shelters that we support. We are Paper Houses Across the Border, and you can be a part of us!

Children are now safe and loved in shelters that we support.

Cafeterias, after-school programs, free school meals are all part of what we do.

Every dollar you send reaches the people in need. We know these families, these children, these teachers, and these shelters. We walk the streets. We visit families in their homes. We see doctors, teachers, and the people managing and living in these shelters.      We use our vehicles. , our own computers, and office supplies are donated by specific sponsors.

Thousands of school children receive free meals. We make life saving and life changing medical help a reality. Blind children can now see. Deaf children can now hear. We visit the shelter and schools that we help. We do so without notice.

We walk the streets and help where we see the need.

Boy with cancer after chemotherapy-thumbs up
Shelter for homeless-client in wheelchair
Nurse from USA on mission trip holding baby at door of a home we visited
Little children eating at a table in the Jagger cafeteria we built.

A Jagger cafeteria
Delivering food door to door.
One of the many children we help with special needs.
6th grade class and students.

Don't like the world? Angry? Frustrated?

If you don't like the world, change it! Change it in a meaningful way! Change the entire future of children in need of food and medical care. Realize that you are changing the world of a child, and stop worrying about whatever is frustrating you. Become so busy helping others that you do not have time to worry or become angry.


The IRS approved Paper Houses Across the Border as a public charity in 2001 and ever year since, we remain in good standing.

We do not require membership in a political party, church or religion.   We use  our own computers and work from our homes. Friends donate to cover administrative costs..

We help those in need.

We visit every person, shelter, and school that we help.

We are good stewards and verify each need and document results.

Charities, church groups, and hospitals work with us to provide the best help at the lowest cost.

Take action and change someone's world!

Donor Policy: We never sell, rent, or share your personal information.