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Providing medical help is one of the most important things we do to help those struggling to improve their own lives. This can best be illustrated by telling the story about Oscar and his family.

Oscar was born with brain cancer. His father worked as a construction worker, painter and at any job he could find. He worked steady, often working 40 and 50 hour weeks.

Oscar lived with his mother, father, grandmother, sisters and a cousin. They shared a two room make-shift shack.

Oscar Sr. put aside a few pesos each week and eventually purchased some cement and cinder-blocks so that he could build a real house for the family.

According to neighbors, every-time he started to get ahead and have enough material to begin building, little Oscar needed to return to the cancer hospital in Monterrey. The family sold off the building materials to pay for the little child's cancer treatments.

The little boy underwent 5-brain operations before his 5th birthday.

Oscar's father could never get started on the house because of the struggle to pay for his son's medical bills.

We've met many families in similar situations. Some, only need help to pay for transportation costs (insurance pays for some treatments). Others hear doctors explain that their child must undergo an amputation. Often, we step in and change their world.