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At 3 in the morning, Brenda has already rented a van and is picking up parents and children for the long drive to the hospital in another city. For weeks she's been helping parents coordinate appointments for their children so that she can drive them as a group to the hospital in Monterrey. Phone calls to doctors, nurses, and admissions were made so that children who needed surgery, exams, or chemotherapy, could all be taken care of in a single day. Brenda is motivated by love, receives no salary, and simply believes in Paper Houses.         


At the hospital, Brenda rushes between floors to understand what care each child receives, set up future appointments, gather receipts and future cost estimates, and understand each child's condition. At her home, she will complete reports for each child, including cost estimates, and update photographs in our files.         

Although Bob continues to walk the streets,Brenda and her family live in Acuna. Brenda is the first responder when a need arises and she visits the schools, hospitals, and shelters as part of her daily life. Brenda also delivers food door to door and often contacts Bob as she encounters children with medical needs and other emergencies.

Brenda on a street with Sofia

Brenda on a street with Sofia

Brenda often visits children in their homes. Talking directly with the mother and child, reviewing medical reports, and on-site evaluation of the economic situation is best done in the home.

We work with these people as friends. We help them as friends, not caretakers.

Brenda is often the first person on the scene of an emergency. Doctors trust Brenda and tell her exactly what is needed, why it is needed, and where we can find what is needed.

Brenda arranges for transportation as needed. She calls ahead to hospitals, she calls Bob and sometimes the speed with which she acts saves the life of a child.

Brenda on a street with Sofia
Your donations are being used.  Routine payments to help shelters, provide meals, and pay for scheduled medical care are not the only way we use your wonderful generosity. Every month, we use your donations on emergencies. When a child needs an emergency blood transfusion, she cannot wait for us to take up a collection. We act. Sometimes we reach out and ask for extra help, but we act as quickly and directly as possible. It is usual for Bob to meet Brenda at a hospital where she has just taken a child.
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