Sofia (Brenda Sofia Rios Rangel) 2-years old

Sofia (Brenda Sofia Rios Rangel) 2-years old

Sofia was born with one undeveloped left arm and missing her right arm. Also, she suffers from a severe hearing loss.

Sofia lives with her parents and the weekly family income is $55. She is a candidate for cochlear implant and we are trying to get her into a state program. There is a waiting list so we will move ahead with a special hearing aid that costs less than $1,000. Her parents organized fund-raisers and are doing all that they can to help this little girl.

In the long-term, we hope to help with prosthetics for her arms.

Accepted into Shrine's Hospital Special Program!

Shrines Hospital in Houston accepted Sofia for treatment in a special program that will last until her 18th birthday! We will pay for travel, visa, etc. and she will arrive at the Houston Shriner's Hospital on November 1st! This is huge news! She and her mother will meet doctors, discuss and plan future possibilities. Eventually, we expect her to be fitted with prothetic arms and receive a lot of therapy.

Traveling to Mexico City for fresh evaluations

Shrines Hospital in Houston may accept Sofia for treatment! We are having a fresh and complete medical study done in Mexico City as part of the process of having Shrines Hospital accepting her for help.

We recently visited Sofia at her home. I handed her a stiffed animal (Nemo - the little fish) and she grabbed it with her tiny arm and rubbed it against her face, giving it hugs and kisses..

When we left, she waved her little arm! She is too cute for words.

How to Help

The immediate need is $1,00 so that she can travel to Saltillo and receive hearing aids. Please mark any donation intended to help Sofia with her name on your check or on your electronic (Donate Now) form.
We will update this page weekly so that you know how much money is still needed or what is being done to help Norma.
If donations exceed the cost of the exam, it will be applied for treatment and help to this family.
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