an is now 20-months old

Alexis, now blind, receives chemotherapty

July 2, 2019

As soon as we find money to help, Ian is on his way to the hospital.

Because of the severe swelling of his brain (diagnosed as hydrocephalus) local doctors are reluctant to correct the cleft lip and palette.

Ian's father works at the Maquildora Elestometros and brings home the equivalent of $42 per week. Cynthia, Ian's mother, stays at home to care for him.

How to Help

The immediate need is $5,000 so that Alexis can return to the hospital for a series of tests. Please mark any donation intended to help Alexis with his name on your check or on your electronic (Donate Now) form.
We will update this page weekly so that you know how much money is still needed or what is being done to help Norma.
If donations exceed the cost of the exam, it will be applied for treatment and help to this family.
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