News Two New Cafeterias in Acuna!

The Arconic Factory in Acuna Sponsored Two New Cafeterias!

November 2018


Brenda Martinez, our representative in Acuna, reached out to the Arconic factory and secured two large donations enabling us to build cafeterias at two kindergartens to serve hundreds of children between he ages of four and seven years.

The directors of these schools approached us earlier with a proposal to build small cafeterias. However, after Brenda had the plans analyzed she advised Bob that what was proposed was too little and not something Paper Houses would typically deliver. The school directors did not want to ask us for much because they know we already do a lot for the community. They kept their request very small and probably expected to create fund-raisers for doors, windows, and other absolute necessities. They envisioned a small unpainted cinder block structure that they would one day complete. We committed to building 'real' cafeterias that were 100% complete and operational.

Placeholder imageWe sought bids from contractors to build cafeterias up to our standards and asked for designs. The final proposal we accepted was for two appropriately sized buildings of cinder blocks and concrete roofs.

Private donations from the Decker family and friends enabled completion of the project (special meals and equipment).
With permission of Aronic, the cafeterias were named "Jagger", after Bob's late grandson.
Parents and children came to the ribbon cutting ceremonies at each school, along with Brenda, Bob, his daughter Mary Beth Brady, her husband Aaron Brady and their son Gavin Robert.

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We look forward to our continuing relationship with Arconic and their wonderful representatives, Mr. Jared Alvarez and Ms. Claudia Chairez. This was not the first experience we've had with Arconic. Their employees experienced a mission with us walking the dirt streets of the colonias, and contributed through an on-line site at work!
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