News: Carlos Tovar

APRIL 3  2000

Carlos tTobar


by:Brenda Martinez

This precious 9 year old boy war born with Treacher Collins Syndrome In November 2018, thanks to all Paper Houses supporters we had the opportunity to send him to Mexico City with an specialist and evaluation of his medical situation, unfortunately the doctors said that they could no begin surgery to correct the shape of his ears until he was 10 years old and asked that we set up an appointment in the summer of 2020.

Now we must wait until the restrictions caused by Covid-19 to end.

Today, Wednesday May 6, 2020 we visited him because they are going through a difficult economic situation as almost all other poor families. We delivered a groceries and a football for Carlitos. He was so happy and got very excited when I told him that we will follow up with his surgery when the Covid-19 restrictions end.

In his student life he had going through bullying, but he also he found good friends that keep motivated to continue at school.

We hope to have good news and great photos to share by the end of the year.


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