News: Itiel explains about God's plans to the doctors

MAY 3  2000

Itiel Isais Arvizu Lopez a 14 years old teenager who lives in a community ranch a few minutes from Acuña and his mom, Patricia Lopez Reyes. In May 2018 he was diagnosed with leukemia We enabled him to go to Monterrey for chemotherapy . In August 2018 we provide him a computer that was donated to us by Global Samaritans. He needed the computer to continue studying, doing work at home because he was not able to go to school. Eventually, he beat the leukemia!

Yesterday (March 2, 2020) we visited him and learned that in the begging of this year he started losing mobility and vision. The source of the problem is a brain tumor. The doctor said that chemotherapy will help, but he won’t be able to see again because of the size of the tumor.

He said, “Doctor I will show you that I will be able to see again, who has the last word is God.”

So he began his treatment and by the second session he start seeing colors, now he can see at 75 percent.

Itiel said, “This is because my mom is a single mother and I am her only child and how God will not let me leave her alone in this life." He said, “Brenda thank you for this computer I am still using it and it has been very important to me, a big blessing, because without it I couldn’t be able to keep going with my classes, now I have to do work from home again and my mom and I couldn’t afford one”, please tell the people who have been helping us thanks and God Bless them”

 We helped with medication and other expenses as Itiel continues to fight for his life.