Local News

May 2, 2019


We do not promote or support illegal immigration. Several people inquired about the tragic drownings, so we will share what we know.
The International Bridge

Border Patrol Agents are standing at the exact spot on the bridge that separates the United States and Mexico. The official entrance point where documents are shown is almost a mile away.

The group of agents that are now standing on the exact line that separates the United States and Mexico do not allow anyone from setting foot on our soil without displaying documentation that gives them such a right. This prevents people from asking for asylum while on U.S. soil. Our laws and international laws clearly state that once on the soil of another country a person has the absolute right to request asylum. By blocking people before they set foot on our side of the bridge, nobody and make such an asylum claim. Unless on our soil, people must file for asylum and wait years for their application to be processed.

Asylum seekers often enter our nation illegally and seek out a Border Patrol Agent so they can request asylum while on U.S. soil. Being on our soil triggers certain guarantees. The issue of being on our soil illegally does not remove the right to asylum and many legal experts believe such people cannot be deported under most circumstances.

The Rio Grande River is dangerous in the Spring. The water is swift and as it swirls around rocks. Currents seem to run in many directions because of the swiftness of the water striking rocks.

The common belief today is that the boat flipped over and the family was thrown in several directions. It is likely that the family members were washed in different directions. The father could not get to his wife and the child she held. He may have been trying to get to another child. We do not know.

A brave Border Patrol Agent risked his life and rescued the mother and child she was holding. Her husband made it to shore.

People ask if there is an increase of migrants in Acuna, and the answer is that seems to be the case.

April 12, Border Patrol agents from the Brackettville Station encountered 14 people stranded on an island in the middle of the Rio Grande River. Agents along with members of the Border Patrol Search Trauma and Rescue team deployed a rescue boat with swift-water equipment and safely transported all the people to the U.S. side of the river.

April 14, a CBP Air and Marine Operations helicopter pilot patrolling in the area spotted a group of 21 people stranded on the same island. The group was observed attempting to cross the swift-flowing river, only to be nearly swept away and forced to return to the island. The Del Rio Station marine unit and agents from the Brackettville Station were able to safely rescue all 21 people and transport them in a patrol boat to the U.S. side of the river.

April 18 agents from the Brackettville Station encountered another large group of people stranded on the island unable to return to Mexico or continue crossing the river to the United States. Border Patrol marine agents responded to the area with a patrol boat and successfully rescued 28 people from the island.

Another widespread belief is that there will be more drownings.