News: Rafael

June 26 2000

Doctors announced that his cancer is now in remission and Rafael (Rafita) returned home!

March 24 2000

Rafita is a 5 years old boy who is fighting against leukemia. We know of the restrictions because of the coronavirus. Activities stop, public places are closed, but without travel right now so that he can receive treatment would mean his death. We provided transportation to the hospital in Monettery.

Rafita is at the hospital in Monterrey and will stay at a nearby shelter between treatments.

April 2020

Remember Rafael a 5 years old boy, super hero fighting against cancer (leukemia), well he is still at Monterrey staying at the shelter. He is doing good. Responding positive to his treatment, but unfortunately the hospital does not have a medication that he needs right now. We will locate the medicaion and continue to help this little boy.

Medication was located and he continues to fight for his life.




Rafael receives chemotherapy for leukemia at Hospital