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Photo Journal

These Children are on Santa's Nice List

Your help is needed right now! We want each child to receive medical care and a small toy.

Joseline down syndrome
Joseline is 5 years old diagnosed with Down syndrome.
Julissa 4 years old and is paralyzed
Julissa is 4-years old, paralyzed and diagnosed with severe mental disorders.
Sara is 5-years old with a malignant tumor behind her left eye.
Sara's condition is critical. A malignant tumor behind her eye must be removed before it spreads further into her brain.
Rigoberto suffers from paralisis
Paralyzed since birth, Rigoberto is now 11 years old. He last saw a doctor at 9 months, until we stepped in.
Ailenne born blind, listening to a sound from a doll.
Ailinne is 15 years old and was born blind. This year we helped when a malignant tumor behind her eye was found.
15-year old Estefania has a malignant tumor that requires surgery.
Estefania is 15 and a malignant tumor has caused her leg to swell to twice its size and must be removed before the cancer spreads.
Jesus Orlando's cancer did not responde to 10 chemo treatments and is spreading. Surgery remains a hope.
Jesus Orlando's cancer did not respond to 10 chemo treatments and is spreading. Surgery remains a slim hope.
Angel Jesus is 3 years old and has melomelingoselo and a hydrocephalic. (Part of his brain was burned during surgery to relieve the water on his brain, further damaging his brain).
Angel Jose - fluid continues to swell his brain and his brain. In addition to medical help, he needs a special chair.
Estralia Mia was born blind. In this photo, she is at school.
Estralia means 'star' Estralia Mia was born blind. She goes to a regular school (there is no school for the blind). She loves to sing and hear applause!
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