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Photo Journal

Christmas Mission Past

We Came with Gifts for the Children, but We Received the Real Gifts!

Joseline down syndrome
New Jersey, Montana, St. Joseph's Parish in Houston, the HPD and the HFD were present.
A boy answers the door.
Nothing is as heartwarming as visiting people in their homes.
Mrs. Shirley seemed to fall in love with the people in every home we visited.
Shirley visited Guadalupe, a blind child with severe mental handicaps. Shirley fell in love with every family she and her husband visited.
Two mothers and their daughters with Bob at the Christmas Party
Bob introduced to mothers and their daughters at our Christmas Fiesta.
A published author, Jeff makes friends at our Christmas Party. (There was a playgound out back)
Jeff, a published author, made many friends at our Christmas Fiesta. There was a playground in back of the hall.
Jeff's wife, Elizabeth, made lots of friends.
Jeff's wife, Elizabeth, made many new friends.
Diane with new friends met while going door to door.
Diane with friends she met while walking door-to-door!
Dr. Don from the University of St. Thomas wrapping gifts.
Dr. Don from the University of St. Thomas made many of our trips and remains a faithful supporter. Guess where he lives!
Cordero helps Shirley's husband wrap gifts! Cordero and his brother Sam, never miss a trip.
Cordero and Donald (Shirley's husband) are busy wrapping presents like the good little elves! Cordero and his brother Sam, have never missed a mission trip since we began.
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