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Mission Statement

Paper Houses Across the Border is a 501(3)(c) all volunteer corporation and our mission is to improve the quality of life for American families and for the impoverished families living in the colonias by working cooperatively with the families and institutions in the colonias.

We work to improve the lives of the people in the colonias.

Donor Policy

We never share, sell,rent, of trade donor information. Donor information is maintained on a stand alone computer (not on the cloud) and not published without the consent of the donors.

100 percent of your donation is used to help the people of the colonias, unless you request a donation be used for administrative purposes.


  • Respect the culture of the people we serve.
  • Face to face encounters are the best way to accomplish our purpose and mission.
  • Respect the dignity of work and self-achievement.
  • Engage in behavior that is beyond ethical reproach and respects the customs, laws, and beliefs of the people.
  • Respect life. Every life has value and should be lived to the fullest.
  • The children of the colonias are our most valuable asset.
  • Work at the lowest level and learn directly from families.
  • Constantly try to improve the way we operate while remaining true to our values.
  • Learn from the people in need and other charities, teachers, students, workers, and medical staff.
  • Learn and improve from our experiences.


We seek to reduce the effects of poverty and hunger, instill compassion, and encourage response to the crisis of those in need. We are a humanitarian organization and strive to help people improve their lives. We provide people with the startling experience of mission and selfless charity in the colonias of Mexico. We seek to reduce the effects of poverty and hunger and to instill compassion and encourage response to the crisis of those in need.

All Volunteers

We have no paid staff. Board members and volunteers receive no compensation.

How to Help

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  • Invite us by email to speak to your group
  • Support us by making a donation.

*We cannot accept clothing or other items/

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