Haitian situation

Haitians orphanagee

Paper Houses is NOT working in Haiti, but the impact of Haitian refugees in Acuna's colonias and understanding what happens in a failed state that is largely controlled by gangs.

On the 16th, it was reported that at least 17 people on a mission trip in Haiti were kidnapped after leaving an orphanage. Kidnapping is becoming a common gang crime.

We post this information because we received inquiries from donors. To our knowledge there have not been kidnappings of mission participants along our border with Mexico.

Haitians near bridge

The arrival of 15,000 migrants, mostly Haitians living in South America, arrived in Acuna over a period of weeks. They said they were crossing into the US to seek asylum, although they do not meet the criteria of asylum in the US or Mexico.

Paper Houses was asked to distribute masks that were donated by a church. The Border Patrol requested charities and churches provide such masks. We distributed masks and bottled water.

We continue to be committed to helping the poor in Mexico who are working hard to remain in Mexico and resolve their own challenges.

Haitians interviewed by Mexican media said they were living for years in South American countries where they were working, felt safe, and were not persecuted. This disqualifies them from applying for asylum under US and Mexican laws.

Mexico is arresting and deporting these people and announced on September 24th that they are now flying two planes to Haiti each day.