Dana Michelle
Born Sept 18, 2013
Blind with Brain Cancer

We met Alexis when he was x years old. One eye had already been removed due to brain cancer and cancer on his eye. He was in need of a prosthetic and we provided that assistance. Later, the cancer cells in his brain spread. We helped with chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but ultimately his second eye was removed. As of November of 2019, he is still receiving chemotherapy.


Alexis and his family live in a small house on rented property on a steep hill. Because of the location there is no possibility of electricity or city water or city sewage. However, the family cannot afford to move. The frequent hospital trips and his father's low salary at the factory, have the family trapped in a very difficult situation.

The hill from the front gate to the house is difficult for a sighted person to climb. Meals are most often cooded on a campfire.


Alexis and his Mother at the house