Videos of Paper Houses and the Colonias

Some of our videos appear on other pages, but here you will find all of our videos!

June 24, 2020 Erik and Jorge can now see!

When we first met the two brothers, Erik as blind in one eye and rapidly losing sight in his other eye. Jorge was never able to see.

June 2020 Brenda and her daughter visit Alexis

Brenda and her daughter delivered some toy trucks to Alexis. He loves playing with his toy cars and trucks. He is always so happy when any of (especially Brenda) come to visit him..
He misses his teachers and school friends. Living in the world of a blind child, isolation is very sad.

June 2020 Mobility Carts!

Paper Houses partners with xxx, to deliver mobility carts that enable people with special needs to travel over the rocky dirt roads of the colonias.
Soon we will return to one home with a guitar, new strings, and some groceries for a very special man.

May 2020 Alexis Learning to walk to the Store

Alexis, lost both eyes due to cancer,is learning to walk to the path from his home to the grocery store and wants to do this alone so he can go to get his mother's groceries.
After losing his hair during the chemotherapy, his 'new' hair has come in and it is curly! He always remembers to thank us when we visit and is trying so hard to be a big boy!

August 2019 Mission with Michelle

Michelle, a long-time friend and supporter returned to walk the streets of the colonias. Her spirit and love of Jesus and these people comes through in her eyes and smile.
We visited the class for the blind, a new shelter that serves the homeless with psychological problems, people in their homes and at schools.

Experience the Class for the Blind

Part of our November 2019 Mission Trip was spent with Alma, the teacher of the blind. She creates her own braille books, repairs braille machines, makes games for the blind children, and is starting a special class to help parents and family understand and work with their blind family member!
In this video, we wear masks over our eyes to better understand what it is like for the blind.
Alma is one of the most remarkable souls in all of Acuña.

August Mission Experiences

A look at a Paper Houses Mission Experience. Although our trips in the colonias are similar, each has a unique flavor. Up to the moment we arrive we may change our 'plan' to respond to a new or urgent need.
In this trip our long-time friends Diane and Judith are joined by workers from the Arconic factory in Acuña as we explore the colonias.

Naomi Judd Interviews Bob and Christine from Paper Houses.

A long time passed since this interview and although we've grown and expanded our outreach in the colonia, the interview captures the essence of Paper Houses and the colonias.

What is Christmas?

It is not about the poverty or simply being thankful for our material blessings. In the colonias, it is about relationships with God, with our family, neighbors, and friends. It is about recognizing what is most important in our lives.
We bring gifts and food. We host parties for children. But it is we who receive the greater gifts during our time with these amazing people.