| What Does Paper Houses Do?|

Bob at Paper Houses

We help people to help themselves. We Change lives. We walk the streets, see the problem, and listen to the people until we understand the problem. Then, we work with the people so that we can provide the right help in the right way. The way that we help is as important as the help we provide. We believe in the dignity of work and strive to protect the dignity of these wonderful people.

Bob at Paper Houses

We support shelters, provide meals to school children, and make life-changing and life saving medical help available to the people. (Visit ACCOMPLISHMENTS) for more details.

We respond to natural disasters, such as floods and tornadoes.

We help schools with equipment, repairs, material and build school cafeterias.

Thousands of meals are provided to school children every day, because teachers tell us that many children arrive too hungry to concentrate.

Our secret is that we walk the poor neighborhood, going door-to-door as we deliver food and learn about life in the colonias.