In the Beginning

Geraldo at Large interview captures the essence of Paper Houses Across the Border (Paper Houses) at it began.

Little Oscar died shortly after this video. His little cousin, who lived with him, was not taken to the funeral because she was so little. A few weeks later, her father related this story. "She woke me up in the middle of the night ands said that she just say little Oscar playing with his tor trucks."

Why the Colonias?

We find real friendship, faith, hope, and love in the colonias

Dana Michelle, the little girl with the glasses, was told by doctors that her sight would only worsen. She already lost 70% of her vision.

Her response, "Doctors do not know everything. Who knows everything? God knows everything."

Her vision returned and to 70 percent and the doctors cannot explain why.

Change what we can change

We do not wait to win the lottery or to have a perfect solution. We change today, what we can change.

This was an early lesson that we learned when teachers told us that the thousand students at their school needed to be fed. "Many arrive too hungry to concentrate. Some of the little ones have fainted during class."

We only had enough resources to feed forty children. We immediately began feeding those forty children and as word spread, we not only fed every child at this school, but built cafeterias and feed thousands at other schools.

Change what we can change.

Visiting People and Shelters

Visiting people and shelters is always inspiring. The challenge is always deciding how to invest our time.

Follow-up visits? New people in need? Go to schools or hospitals? Which shelters to visit? Meeting with local factories and charities to explore what we can accomplish together? There are never enough hours in a day!

Naomi and Chrissy

Naomi Judd, in addition to being a Country Music star with two famous daughters, is a Christian philanthropist. We accepted her offer to be flown to New York for a live interview.

Crissy, a teenage volunteer, came with me and the experience was remarkable.

Luis David

Luis David is a very special little boy that fights for his live every hour of every day. When we first met him, his mother and father worked different shifts so that one of them could always take care of the constant needs of Luis. Later, the needs to change feeding tubes, unblock air tubes, and help massage and move the little boy to prevent sores and muscle problems, required his mom to quit work and stay home

We provide money, medical equipment and want Luis to have the best life possible.

A Mission Trip

Although we always walk the streets and visit people in their homes, mission trips can include various activities and locations. We may visit a hospital, or a school, or a shelter for children or perhaps a shelter for the elderly. We often host parties for special needs children. Each trip serves the current needs of the colonias.

Walk in Spirit

A local video expert offered to join us on our walk and create something we might use for our donors and those curious about what our day is like. Michelle, a long time supporter and personal friend, joined us.

Blind and Learning

We are so blessed to be able to work with the blind. Poverty multiples the challenges of the blind.

We have been told that we should not work on so many different problems and should only focus on one issue, such as homeless children, or the blind, or education. We don't agree. Imagine Jesus refusing to help someone He met while walking the dirt roads and imagine Him saying, "Sorry, I only help the deaf." Whatever your beliefs may be, I think following the example of Jesus is a good idea.

Walking the Colonias and visiting Alexis

Walking the colonias is still very satisfying. In Acuna, Piedras, Nuevo Laredo, and even Matamoros, we walk and help where we can.

Baby in Trouble

Sometimes we do not do much. In this case, a baby was dying. The solution would be in A US hospital. Our reputation and relationship at the border enabled us to get this little angel the life saving miracles that were available in the US.

Two Blind Brothers

One boy was almost completely blind from birth. His brother lost sight in one eye and the sight in his remaining eye was rapidly deteriorating

Our supporters changed everything! Today, as a result of treatments and surgeries, both boys have great vision!

Mobility Carts

Sometimes we are just the conduit. Charities and hospitals know that we will deliver donated equipment directly to those in needs.

We take care of transportation costs. The Mexican inspectors are glad to waive us through because they know our reputation.

PHAB Stories

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