Boys in street between shacks

Alma with blind child, Michelle and Bob with Alma
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Paper Houses Across the Border (Paper Houses) is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity, with no paid employees.

We work directly with the people in need, especially children and those who already are working hard to improve their situations.

We provide school cafeterias, free school meals, support children's shelters, support shelters for children, the elderly, the homeless with special needs, education for the blind, local schools, food for the needy, and we facilitate mission trips to the colonias.  

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, People Magazine, FOX News, ABC, NBC, The Houston Police Officer's Union, the City of Houston, and numerous media outlets in both the USA and Mexico, we change lives!

Paper Houses also received numerous awards, including the National and International Law - Integrity Award.

Anita - cancer fighter
Children in Crisis

Suffering when treatments are available. Cancer does not kill every child that died because of cancer. In some cases the death certificate should list 'lack of a bus ticker' of 'lack of money' as the cause of death.

Down syndrome and Austism cover page.
Intellectual Challenges

Poverty dramatically increases intellectual challenges of some very special and very important people. We believe in doing our part to empower these people.

Young students at their desks in primary school.
Education is the Key

Education is key to escaping poverty and building an economy that provides good jobs. We deliver desks, books, computers, and essential repairs to schools.

Since 2001

Build Jagger Cafeterias
Computers special needs high school Equip children's learning center
Braille machines to blind children
Assistance with funerals for children
Braille machines - School for Blind
Learning supplies - School for Blind
Natural Disaster Responses
Sponsor Christmas Celebrations
Transportation to hospitals
Covid Supplies
Medical Supplies to Hospitals
Repair public school facilities Build Special Needs classrooms
Events for Special Needs Children
Support Special Needs Schools
Deliver backpacks and school supplies
Support Drug Treatment Program
Provide teaching materials to schools
Downs syndrome assistance
Assist Autistic Children
Eye glasses
Hearing Aids
Crutches and wheelchairs
Surgeries s
Built cafeterias
Free meals at schools
Shelters for the Elderly
Shelters for homeless
Construction materials
Family Assistance
Mission Trips
Shelters for Children
Deliver food door-to-door

Our approach was simple. Walk the neighborhood and distribute small bags of food. We came to a shelter for children that lost its sponsor and accepted responsibility to protect and feed 27 children. We came upon a school where teacher said that the little kids did not have enough to eat. We began feeding the children. First we only had enough funds to feed 40, but later we built cafeterias and eventually fed thousands of children every day. We came upon a boy about to have his foot amputated at the public hospital. We paid for surgery at a private hospital and saved his foot. Since then, we've done everything from providing eye-glasses to making chemo-therapy and other life-changing medical treatments available. And it just keeps growing!

Act Today

To continue our mission and reach additional children in need we need your support. Please share our website and your reasons for helping us with your friends and family. You create miracles!

New Donation Method

New screen puts your donation directly into our bank. Paper Houses pays lower fees and your donation is quickly available for us to use.

Alma - 11 years old neads ear operation
Alma - 11 years old Perforated Ear

Alma requires treatment for an ear infection and a perpetrated left ear. Family income is $43 per week. Cost of hospital is $930.

Frank in blue shirt at school for the blind
Frank-7 years old Blind in one eye

Three years ago he lost sight in one eye. Today we learned a specialist can operate and restore his sight!  Cost - est. $1,400.  

Donate to a specific child or project by entering the Name (i.e. Alma) in the memo field of your check or electronic donation.

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